“Knowingly or unknowingly, we are all constantly on a quest to find a place where we are content, fulfilled and at peace. We are always in need of safety, validation, fulfillment, and affiliation. To get to such a place, where we feel seen, heard, safe and content (be it within ourselves or others), it takes constant work and commitment. It is daunting and tedious labour, but rewarding and contributes tremendously to one’s optimal development and functioning. Hence, when one is on such a quest/journey to uncover/discover things (i.e. about the self, events, experiences and/or others) that could contribute positively to their wellbeing, the embrace of all experiences & findings is important.” 

– Revelations Quest Psychology Head Psychologist & Founder


Revelations Quest Psychology (RQ Psych) is a mental health brand that was established in 2018 by a Clinical Psychologist in training at the time. It was established to help contribute to individuals’ journeys to self and/or wellbeing, initially through psychoeducational content, and later, other psychological services (i.e. psychotherapy, psychological assessments, workshops, events, etc.).

RQ Psych appreciates that we are all on a never-ending quest to find a place/reach a state of being that is safe, healthy, and serene, especially within ourselves and surroundings.


These services are to be available to the public from September 2023.


One-on-one sessions between psychotherapist & client(s) (i.e. individuals, children/adolescents, couples, family, group, etc)., to help remedy/treat mental health problems, life challenges and/or psychiatric disorders.

Teletherapy/Online Sessions

One-on-one psychotherapy sessions with adults and/or adolescents via online platforms due to inability to meet physically.

Psychoeducational Workshops & Events

Events curated to help share knowledge & empower individuals on a range of mental health problems, situations & topics, including relevant intensive discussions & activities.

Speaking Engagements

Formal talks given by a clinical psychologist at external events & various platforms to help empower with knowledge and/or lived experiences.

Please note that the content published on this platform is intended for psychoeducational purposes, as well as mental health awareness only. The content published does not constitute as final and/or intended to replace professional mental health services. Nor is the content intended to discourage one from seeking mental health services. Do consult credible/academic literature and/or a HPCSA registered clinician for a more informed and personalised understanding.

Content published with featured authors and/or guests is not of a psychotherapeutic nature with clients/patients. All content is recorded and/or published with informed consent from all contributors and partners.

“We are all unfinished products trying to be complete, and death completes us. We strive for it, even though we might never reach it because it is a beautiful thing to do. Life is best lived in discovery, in motion… The power of water is seen in movement.”

-Dineo Ranaka

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