The Burdens From The Previous Year

“New Year, New Me”

“New Year, New Me”, a phrase that many of us tend to use as we anticipate, welcome and celebrate the new year that we are going into. During this time, a lot of us are filled with a lot of joy, excitement and anticipation for what the new year might bring for us. We become so optimistic, because for many, it feels like a new beginning. It feels like you are turning a new leaf and everything that you are going to be encountering is going to be new, positive and fulfilling. Well, at least that is what we all hope for.

Year after year, when the clock hits 00:00 on the 31st of December, many of us begin to think that all will be well in our lives and anything and everything that we felt did not resonate with us in the previous year, will be left behind as we go into the new year. However, while embracing the new year that is to come and its anticipated fruits that it might bring, it is also important that we are realistic about how nonlinear and/or unpredictable life is and manage expectations accordingly.

We tend to forget that some of the things that we might have not dealt with in the previous year, such as our mental health, financial stressors, academic stressors, work expectations, relationship problems and family dynamics, etc. are still going to follow us into the new year. Yes, it is a new year and we are hopeful of what could be, we are allowed to be motivated as it is part of all human beings’ psychological processes, but we have to acknowledge and be okay with the notion that “New Year, New Year” does not necessarily apply to everyone. For some people, it is a continuation. A continuation of who they were the previous year, a person who is still fighting through something they have been struggling with, a person still trying to make ends meet, a person still not sure about their identity. AND IT IS ABSOLUTELY OKAY!

We tend to put so much pressure on ourselves because of what society tends to deem important, and what it tends to celebrate. During these times, we tend to lose focus of our journeys to self and our personal wellbeing because we are too focused on and distracted by what we think would be good for us according to what is celebrated by society and/or family at that time. Before focusing on that, ask yourself this: “How is me focusing on this particular thing (regardless of the date/ time time of the year) going to help me grow and cultivate my mental health in a positive and healthy way?”

Everyone has their own journey that they need to focus on and it does not necessarily have to fit a certain idea or image that others may have. An extreme external locus of control may be to our detriment. We need to learn to embrace every stage of our lives, and see how we can grow from it, no matter how uncomfortable or overwhelming it is. It is all part of the cycle of life.

Reflect On This:

  • What stage of life are you in at the moment?
  • How are you feeling about being in this stage?
  • Did you ever think you would ever get to this stage in your life?
  • What is most challenging about this stage of your life?
  • How have you been handling this stage of your life?
  • What is most rewarding about this stage in your life?
  • How have you been embracing this stage of your life?

Embrace your journey to self and wellbeing every single day, no matter what time of the year it is.

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